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    CNC machining factory was established in 2015 in order to meet customer's precision parts requirements,the factory area is about 4000 square meters. Now we have about 30 sets CNC machines.Most of the machines are Janpanese or Korean famous precision machining machine brand such as mazak,okuma,doosan etc.
    Our CNC machining parts are widely used in medical, automotive,petroleum,precision electronics and other industries, We are the best choice for you to improve product quality or optimize product cost.For more information please find below machine list.

          MACHINE LIST
Machine Capability Accuracy Quantity
MAZAK cnc milling center 650mm X 400mm 0.005mm 8 sets
OKUMA cnc turning Dia.=380mm L=270mm 0.003mm 3 sets
DOOSAN cnc turning Dia.=320mm L=270mm 0.003mm 1 set
SAINTS cnc turning Dia.=150mm L=175mm 0.003mm 2 sets
SAINTS cnc turning&milling Dia.=150mm L=175mm 0.003mm 4 sets
GUANCHI cnc milling center 850mm X 500mm 0.005mm 3 sets
CNC milling center 850mm X 500mm 0.005mm 1 set